Friday, July 27, 2007

And the winner is....

I used a random number generator, then correlated the numbers to the comments, and the winner is Andrea from The Laughs Will Go On. Congratulations on winning!

If anybody else is still interested in the hats, I've got a few up in my Etsy store.

Thanks to everybody who participated! It was a lot of fun. I think I may end up doing more giveaways as I make more things for my store, so if you're interested, please check back!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway!

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So, I've been lurking on lots of blogs lately, and found this fabulous Bloggy Summer Giveaway Carnival that's being hosted by Rocks in my Dryer. And it is awesome. Despite there already being hundreds of participants, I decided that it simply would not do unless I was participating as well.

So! I am going to give away the lovely crafty hat I made tonight. It's a little odd, and it's entirely possible that you may not even like it. I think it's quite cute however.

"I'm on your head, eating your brains!"

It's a light pink fleece zombie cat hat. Available for a limited time only to eat your head.

Please note, I am not an expert seamstress. I'm really not even very experienced. And I made this hat pretty quickly tonight, so it is by no means perfect. There's a couple wobbly seams, for instance. I will assume that if you enter into my little giveaway, then you are willing to ignore this hat's imperfections and instead focus on its strengths (like, being made of warm pink fleece and fuzzy white fabric).

Also note, this hat was sized so that it would fit my head. I have a slightly larger than average adult head. So, if you have an average sized adult head, it may be slightly loose on you (lets say that it will accomodate a full head of hair without being super tight and squishy, eh?). If you plan on giving it to a child, it will most likely be entirely too large for them. But too-large hats on small children can be awfully cute. I do not have a small child available to try it on to see if it is, in fact, adorable on them, or not.

If you've been following the Great Blogging Giveaway, then I'm sure you already know how to enter. For anybody as yet unaware, all you need to do is comment on this post! Please either link to a page from which I can easily find your email address, or include it in your comment, as I will need it to properly inform the winner that they've won (and for further communications regarding where to ship it, expected arrival date, etc). I will pay for any and all shipping, though it will probably just be normal post. Only comments posted prior to this Friday (July 27th) will be included in the drawing, as I will be randomly drawing the winner on Friday.

Good luck, and make sure to go check out some of the other giveaways also!

A craft blog! A craft blog!

So, after seeing a lot of inspiring blogs lately, I've decided to start a craft blog, with the sole purpose of posting up crafty projects (and maybe encouraging people to visit my Etsy site that I'm still getting set up to buy stuff I make).

This site is (obviously) VERY much still in the works. Expect it to change a lot in the near future (lovely graphics, posts, pictures, colors, etc).

To start things off, be looking forward to a Bloggy Giveaway later (today hopefully).